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trying to make my way home [entries|friends|calendar]

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choked on chuckie! [
Friday 16, 2006 (04:43 PM)
[ mood | eh? ]

Kara Saun, take a hike.

I really really REALLY hope Leigh accepts me into the Forensic Guild.. As much as I love Lui and her club, I don't wanna be YFC!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! They don't do anything in YFC.. I think.. Well, they don't debate! I think.. Hehe. I just really wanna be Forensic. Mariel and Giselle got into 2nd choice soccer but i didn't.. Darn Yama Bilog.. (jk.. but not really!) Patricia's not gonna try out for Forensic.. They ran out of slots. Nikki took the last one! Hahahaha. Kaye's gonna try though! Hehehe. At least, I have Alyssa with me in 2nd choice..

The line for the book was so long and it was so hot. Lui and Geri were talking and stuff.. while I answered the "How catholic is your school?" survey thing. Hehehe. I just wanted to get it done and over with!

TODAY WAS SO HOT. I SWEAR. As in all I did today was sweat and sweat and sweat. And we're gonna be wearing gala next week IN THIS FREAKING HOT WEATHER! Alex amused me with this hand thingy.. where she could turn it all the way around.. And it wasn't the illusion one.. It was the real thing! And I taught her the "shoot the bunny" hand thingy. Hehe.

Andrea and I played red and white with each other and I was red and she was white so.. the lady was like.. redwhiteredwhiteredwhite RED! And Andrea grabs my hand and I was just like.. Hahahaha! OKAY! I win! Thank you Andrea for making winning a WHOLE lot easier! Heehee.

I'm sorry for abandoning you my journal. I've been updating Mariel's lj for her since her internet was broken. O_o

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Saturday 10, 2006 (10:44 AM)
[ mood | yihee ]

Ooooh. I'm liking this new livejournal layout thingy.. Ty Mayriel.

Mikki and Nikki (haha, rhymes) went over yesterday annnndddd.. it was fun!

First off, we played a bit of Dance Revo with my old dance mat and wooo! WE SUCK! Hahahahaha. Hysteria is such a fun song! Then, we went down to 7-11 and bought loads of candy and chocolates. hehe. We ate them and after my mom left, we headed to her room and played Disney Scene It.. and we were just screaming our heads off at the all plays! There are so many mouse movies! It was all just so confusing! hahaha. Mariel and my sister(who didn't do much) won.. Nikki wanted redemption and oh, i guess she got it. Nikki kept insisting there was a grasshopper named Thumper in A Bug's Life and Mariel was like NO there isn't and I was just.. I dunno! Hehe. So, we searched it in IMDB and.. it wasn't looking too good for Nikki so i said hmm, maybe there isn't a Thumper.. but we looked a little more and OH! wow, it was there. THUMPER. hahahaha. We took a bunch of pics with the webcam too. They look kinda funny though. hehe. We did Google Earth and it was so strange.. couldn't find Mariel's house.. Weeeiirrdd.. Had lotsa laughs yesterday. Hella fun! Hehe. Poor room though, it's a mess.. OH WELL! hahaha.


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wala ko kabalo [
Monday 5, 2006 (10:40 AM)
[ mood | bouncy ]

I was in Davao last week.. And.. I pretty much FATIFIED myself there. I am now 115 pounds. At the start of the summer, i was around 95 to 100.. Wooowwww... It's just that.. my lola makes good apple pie, butter cake, oatmeal raisin and all these other sweets! And.. There's nothing to do at the house.. so I JUST KEPT EATING! Hehe. I did other stuff there too like..

The first beach we went to was called Chemas? Shemas? something like that.. The only thing i liked about that beach was there were TONS OF STARFISH! I swear.. THEY WERE A LOT! This little girl who kept following us kept filling this bucket with starfish and then, she gave it to me and i took a picture.. I GOT ONE STARFISH BY MYSELF.. but.. it was dead pala.. *sigh* Then, we ate lunch and i saw Claudine and Yan-yan again (these people i usually hang out with when i come here) but we didn't talk much..

The second beach i liked better.. PARADISE.. Hehehe. The driver didn't understand tagalog at all which made everything a whole lot harder. Like i said "Pakisara yung radyo" then, he'd turn it up. Or he'd speak a whole blubber of visaya and i'd be just nodding there and yun pala it meant "call you lola, we're here" .. ANYWAY.. The second beach we got to ride a banana boat! Well, this long yellow thing that came with paddles. It was so funny! My sister, my tita, the yaya and i would fall off everytime one would get on. Well, at least, we got to go far where the pretty fishes were! weeee! Hahaha. The funniest part was that there were these ugly group of guys who came.. i think they were like a class making their own beach calendar because the kept posing and whatnot.. and then, the yaya "Bing" said out loud near one of them "ANG PANGIT PANGIT NAMAN NILA" or something like that. And then, i was just laughing so hard. Wala lang! Hehe.

We went to this place called "Crocodile farm" which was like a mini zoo. The birds there called me "Pangit." Hate them. Then, the same birds wolf whistled. Hahaha. It was so cool. They could repeat what i say and sound (a little) like me! Hehehe. Then, there was this sign above a little pool that said "FEEL THE EEL" then, we asked some random guy if we could touch them and he said "NO!" Stupid sign. Then, i played this game with my sister.. "Find the 5 lizards" My sister couldn't find the one right in her face! lol.

Claudine and I went to Timezone where we played tons of games! Ahhh! Their dance maniax was so evil! It had a different look to it which made everything harder. The lights were brighter and the thingys were smaller! So annoying! There was this other game too. The one that Lindsay Lohan played in that movie Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen.. And then, i really sucked at it. But hey, i played Dance Revo after and oh yeah, still got it! KICK THE CAN! Anyway, there was this fun game where there were 20 stages of different games with 3 buttons.. and it was just so fun. Hard to explain. Claudine's amazing at basketball. I had a hard time keeping up with her. We got jackstones! Yay!

After that, we went to karaoke where my sister sang A whole new world and i sang Zombie!! I love that song. hahahaha.

Anyway.. I'll make more kwento later..

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Umula't bumagyo! [
Thursday 25, 2006 (10:52 AM)
[ mood | It's pretty hot in here.. ]

Taylor won American Idol!! Woooooo!! My mom woke me up in the morning just to tell me that.. And then, i went back to sleep. Geri and Lui don't like Taylor but Missy sure does! Hahaha. Katharine sang Somewhere over the rainbow. I remember when i was a little kid i sang that song for some talent thing.. Anyway..

AHHHH. WHY DIDN'T ED MAKE A BIIGGGERR UMBRELLA OR JUST LIKE A WALL OF STEEL?!?!?! I just knew that older fake Elric brother was gonna hit his brother!! Ed's not short! Everyone's just really really tall!

Mara's online! I can't believe it.. It's like so.. WOW. But she's not responding to me or Geri.. Weird.. OH well!

THE OMEN.. is such a freaaakkky movie. Yesterday on the Tonight Show they showed a clip.. and.. the demon child was so freaky.. Haha. Poor Julia..

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Wednesday 24, 2006 (10:28 AM)
[ mood | *fox is being replaced* ]

I got a text from Leigh, asking me if i was joining The Forensic Guild this year and i said, "Yup, sure wiil." Then, i asked her if we were core members.. And she said.. It depends how many join this year.. Awwwww... But it helps that I joined a competition! Wooo.

Hey.. Person who commented in my last entry.. Who are you???

This morning I had a mini photo shoot in my house with my yaya as the photographer. Why? Because my dad said so. I think it's like a gift for my lola or something.. My sister was still half asleep so she was so cranky while we were doing it. So i kept teasing her.. saying things like "Oh, you're gonna look so ugly in the picture if you keep making faces like that and lola won't love you anymore and blah blah" things like that.. Then, my yaya said that saying that our old cook made up "Magbiro sa lasing, wag sa bagong gising" Hahaha. Oh I miss ya Alice... ish.. Marissa, the new cook, is now going around the house modeling her pretty new dress.. for i don't know what reason.. the yayas sure are peppy this morning.

Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. I think i'll change my mood smiley thingy. I'm getting bored of ya foxy. (Fox is gone now.. Hello.. Blue bobel.)

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O Draconian Devil! O Lame Saint! [
Friday 19, 2006 (12:16 PM)
[ mood | burn for me baby ]

They banned DaVinci Code in Manila today. It was just the second day of screening and already they banned it! Silly devouts. My mom and dad watched it last night and they said that they were just exaggerating.. It was more of a suspense than anything.

I can't believe my dad was right! The guy in Poseidon is Matt Dillon's brother! Kevin Dillon! They looked so alike and they even talked so alike.. Well, they're character's were alike. Lucky Larry from Poseidon and Pat Healy from Something about Mary.. Could've sworn they were one and the same. I thought he was joking! Because he said that right after he said that.. Poseidon had an aftermath with Emmy Rossum singing Think of Me to her dead daddy.. wooopss.. spoiler.

Geri and I talked about debate again today. Hahaha. Guess we're sorta debate freaks! lol. And i realized that my matter binder.. was so.. empty.. How sad.. I forgot what my template looks like.. Ahhhhhh. I hope Leigh puts us in IDEA lite.. I wanna go to the beginner one.. The normal IDEAs were kinda tough..

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Thursday 18, 2006 (04:11 PM)
[ mood | OH ]

Haruhi and Tamaki forever!!!! It's been a week and a day since they added episode 6 of Ouran Host Club.. EPISODE 7 SHOULD BE THERE ALREADY!!! Waiting..

My coach is leaving forever for Dubai.. Ahhhh... I don't want another coach! Coach Ian was so funny!! and he was a great teacher.. B had some reallly funny clothes on today. Hahahaha. His Phil. team pants.. Heeehee. Sharmain.. was not here again.. but these other girls approached me and talked to me.. so i wasn't too alone.. McDo has this new turbo blah blah that is so cool! It makes eating in the car much easier for me! Lol.

DaVinci Code's out.. and i can't watch it.. It's R18.. And i really wanted to too!! Darn..

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My, oh my. [
Tuesday 16, 2006 (10:07 PM)
[ mood | Happy meee! ]

It was a baaaaaaaaad morning. I had to wait for the driver who took so long getting here (traffic) because i didn't want to encounter that family member i'm angry at right now. Then, i go to the gym and i'm late and i text and i text Mariel saying sorry and where are you thinking that she left angry! or something.. Then, it turned out.. She just overslept.. hahahaha. wooo. When i got that text of hers, i was just laughing.

STUPID FAT GIRL IN PINK LEOTARD TUTU THINGY!! I HAAAATTTEEE YOUUUU. She took freaking 5 minutes from my skating lesson because she wanted to freaking flirt with my coach.. AHHHH. Hahaha. oooohhhh... B and S fought today, started pushing each other. Poor B ran away. Sharmain, who has yet to add me in ym, got a new coach.. I miss the gay one. HE was funny with his tights and all. My sister was so weird today. She had this random breakdown in McDo.. For.. some reason.

My phone finally works! Hahaha. It was so weird.. The first guy came and he loooked at it and he said that he didn't know what to do.. Then, today, the second guy came and he fixed it! Yay!!! Now, i can use the phone and the internet at the same time.. Happy me.

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POT!! POT!!! [
Friday 5, 2006 (05:45 PM)
Missyyyyy is so bored... Mikki and i just finished the video. Here's a link for you all. http://youtube.com/watch?v=gB4tVKtZCsA COMMENT.(if you can) Rate! I've been watching Prince of Tennis and Rayearth and reading Genbukaiden and trying to find Furuba! I just watched Serendipity. The girl is so pretty. Pizza boat tastes good..
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not alone.. [
Friday 14, 2006 (09:16 PM)
[ mood | heehee ]

Today, Mariel went over and my entire family left the house to go to the beach.. hehehehehe. My mom was so jealous of me.. She kept walking around me saying "You're so lucky you don't have to go".. and i was just laughing at her in my head.. Yes..

Hahaha. Mariel had a bit of fun with my messengers. We were initially trying to find someone who has played Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly before [didn't find anyone though..] It all began with the man from mumbai. We asked him if he played it and he answered "I am from Mumbai" then, he said a bunch of other weird stuff.. so.. hehehe. We/Mariel told him people from Mumbai are stupid and then, blocked him before he could reply.. [I now suspect him of hacking my msn..] Next was poor old Poch.. Mariel used my name and told him repeatedly that i LOVED him, LURRRRRVVEEED him, wanted his babies? the girl to be Missy Junior and the boy to be Poch Junior.. hahaha. i still love the "wanted his babies" part.. hahaha. Poch sure was confused!! I could just tell.. hmmm.. hehe. it'll be my revenge for the GAY thing!! MWAHAHAHAHA!! Telling me he's gay.. psssssssssshhhhtt.. me believing it.. ANYWAY..

Fatal Frame II and Gothika.. Not two things you should play/watch simultaneously.. I am now very very paranoid.. My house is so scary!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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Passion [
Monday 10, 2006 (02:11 PM)
[ mood | hmmmm ]

I'm right in front of kingdom hearts II but EVERY SINGLE TIME i do the boss fight it hangs!!! AHHHHH!!! It's so annoying!!! Hehe. It's so terrible.. It takes so long to get to that last [well, what i think is] boss fight against Xemnas.. and then, it just freezes.. AHHHHHH!!! I love having Riku in my party.. It's so wonderful.. To have him FINALLY after all that waiting and searching.. Oh yeah.. Happy Kairi's with me too.. Wooo.. Mickey Mouse always has an angry face in this game.. It's so fun how when you die in a boss fight he comes to save you and you get to play him and when he dies [and that's pretty quick since he's pretty weak] sora's revived! KINGDOM HEARTS WAS THE BEST GAME [well, one of] EVER!!! And now, it's over.. Darn... What now?!?!?!

My sister's been watching herself on the tv via the Lion King play of her school dvd every single day.. Sad, isn't it? She was a zebra.. I saw Marga Bucoy at that play.. though she didn't see me.. hehe. Date Movie was such a funny movie. Hehe. It got super corny and disgusting at times but hey, it was funny. Hahaha. It spoofed all sorts of movies and big stars. Hahaha. There's one with Michael Jackson in the background giving a little boy candy and grabbing him and running away.. HAhaha. I love that part.

Bored, bored, bored, bored..

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Stupid!!!! [
Saturday 25, 2006 (02:20 PM)
[ mood | STUPID!!! ]

Gosh, people, you don't pass a message around about someone being dead when they aren't okay?!?!?! It's just wrong!!! Guia's mom is not dead. She's in the ICU. Guia's in a bad enough situation and you wanna worsen it by spreading to everyone that she's dead!! Come on!! THAT'S SO STUPID!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm pissed. I'm pissed. I'm pissed. Poor Guia.. No more spreading 'til you ask Guia or something people pleaaaase.. Make sure it's true before you start telling everyone.. GOSH!!

Ahh.. Later..

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Fie! Fie! [
Saturday 4, 2006 (08:27 AM)
[ mood | MARITAL LAW!!! ]

I haven't updated in the longest time. Sorry.. Hehehe. I've been a bit busy.. Actually, i was just too tamad to.. Hahahhaha..

A few updates on me.. I can ice skate pretty well now.. Weee.. A one foot glide, swizzle and a rough spin.. School's over in like 2 weeks.. somehow, i'm not so "wee"d [hahah. weed.] MARS AND JACKIE ARE SCBA MEMBERS!! GO GUYS!! I voted for you!.. Steffi didn't win.. Bad.. Foot injury!!! AHHHHHHH!!! I don't remember much right now..

MARIEL WAS ABSENT!!!!!! So, here's a bit of what happened in school for her..

Making paper was actually a little fun. Our paper kind of sucked!!! BUT we were the fastest paper makers evah!!! So, ya tear papers in to tiny pieces and put it in the basin of water, then you put the powder and pulp thing.. Miss Pimintel kasi.. Our thing was PERFECT until she put an entire thing of pulp in and it got all messed up.. Our paper was pink. Hahaha. Which reminds me that Giselle told me to hand her her apron and she was like "duh, missy. the pink one".. i was like "how was i supposed to know that? oh that's right, it's your favorite color.. I'M SORRY GISELLE.. and we were laughing. Mara was having fun with the cutter. Me and Zia were MAN TEARING! Yeah, ya sissys with your scissors. lol.

Rumors are going around that WE ARE GOING TO BE RESECTIONED!! THEY CAN'T DO THAT!!! ONE TWO'S THE PERFECT CLASS!! WE GET ALONG WITH EVERYONE because there are no popular, overdemanding, not caring [besides a few no remorse people but hey, they are dominated] AND WE'VE WON ALMOST EVERYTHING!!! IT IS SOOO ANNOYING!!! So, section four i heard are making a petition thing. MUST SUPPORT. though it failed for the last year, WE CAN DO IT!! A lot of people cried today.. and i don't know why ANY of them cried.

Yesterday, section three was horrible to us. Now, i have nothing against them individually i mean, Nikki and Joyce[and all you other guys] are there!! Of course, i don't HATE you.. but.. I swear.. Yesterday, in tulong sulong, YOU TOOK ALL OF THE PIZZAS. Sorry. I AM still thinking about it. Because i was a little hungry. Anyway, our section almost brought EVERYTHING. ALL THE PIZZAS CAME FROM US. Zia gave 2 out of those many pizzas.. That's why Zia was the most pissed. I mean, you guys had like 3 each on your plates!! [i saw one of you] You took so much the manongs and manangs of the other sections didn't get any, neither did the classes.. YOU SELFISH.. Yeah, yesterday, i called you bitches but now.. ehh.. just selfish.. Zia played well though! woohoo! couldn't hear it too well though.. Bea, you too!! Melodic Screaming? Nice.

I embarassed myself in YFC. I'm sorry first year for shaming you. We had to walk through a "minefield" of glasses of water with a blindfold and the people are supposed to help you get through. I made the glass at the very start fall. It's so funny though.. People kept screaming whenever they'd tell me to lift my foot. [lift, AHHHHH, put down, screaming "lift", lift foot, AHHHH, etc.] Lui kept laughing at me. Sort of her revenge for the LUIS thing. Hahahahaha. I rushed to the Forensic Guild to check on Pats, Kaye and Zia! NICE TOPIC! Should they show brokeback mountain in AC!! Patricia liked it. She was member! Just like I always am!! So proud. Yeah, kaye, you too. Lol. They all got candy and i wanted candy. So, Frances pitied me and gave me candy. Weee.

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Lalala.. [
Sunday 12, 2006 (06:44 PM)
[ mood | heehee. ]

I haven't written an entry in a long, long, long, long time.. Sorry, i've just been too tamad to.. Anyway...

Yesterday, Mara invited us to go on this "If walls could talk" tour in Intramuros. It was for her and Noelle's headline. They were going to do it on this guy who gives tours. He was super funny. Carlos Cedran. Yeah, it was real fun. He made our history seem so interesting. To all who will be visiting Casa Manila and taking his tour, the answer is "matress" and "bathroom". Mariel got one buck since she got the answer right.. Too bad she CHEATED. Mara went on the same tour before. We took a kalesa ride. The horse-y made moderately big, yellowish poop once we got to San Agustin Church from Fort Santiago. We took a lot of pictures and Mariel recorded the interview with an arrested development sort of style. Can't wait to see their headline.

Today, I went ice skating. My sister had her lessons. She's better than me unfortunately. She skates backwards. I can do it for like a 3 seconds and then, i am unable to move backwards. I can spin a little though. I fell on my butt. It hurt. Bad. My sister's taking piano lessons. My new piece, Prelude which sounds exactly like Ave Maria.

Shakespeare tomorrow. Choral recitation, can't wait. Hear her voice, vote for joyce, all rejoice! her say be heard, joyce, the nerd. hahahaha. vote for mars too. Wooo.. Go jackie!!! gooo jackie!

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bACkstroke. [
Saturday 4, 2006 (12:34 PM)
[ mood | tsk tsk ]

Yesterday was the AC Fair. I wasn't that eager to go actually but I did.

Highlights of the AC Fair..
Zia got me a fish and I named it Zia. It took us 150 chits to get it! Little girls are so much better at it than i am.
My fish was torchered countless times. Felt sorry for it so I gave it to Marisha, the environmentalist. Seemed safe with her.
A little girl got 42 shots for basketball. What a record. Someone threw the ball at my head. Darn her.
Jackstones with Mariel. That was fun. We threw the ball at each other. So funny. Needed to be there to enjoy it.
Old pants turned new thanks to Mariel. Heehee.
Photo shoot in the classroom. Just look at my multiply. http://strangeronabus.multiply.com/photos
... The actual fair.. Boring.. Evil, shocking things.. Mostly boring things.
Got married to Mikey. Wahoo. Patricia married Jerht right after. Heehee. It was the happiest day of my life.. *sarcastic*
There was crap walking around and i was loathing it.
Sitting down on a bench. Watching two idiots play self-infliction games. Seeing a really different side to someone.
Waiting outside. Smokers. Drunk people. People on a high. Everywhere. Scurry..

Basically, that was it.

Goodness gracious. So disappointed in someone.. tsk, tsk.. Oh Mariel, you know.

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didn't see you there yuber [
Tuesday 31, 2006 (07:07 PM)
[ mood | *sniff* ]

Anyone notice I wasn't in school today?? That i was absent? Just wondering, you know, if my presence at all mattered there.. I was sick in case you wanted to know. It was terrible.. I felt like my body was so heavy, so painful, maybe a bit from training but not really, and i had a fever. My cold wasn't so bad, it was really bad in the morning but at around 11, it got better. There were moments today that just drove me insane because it was unbearably boring. Basically, what i did today was play Suikoden. This time with 108 stars of destiny. How sad is it that last time, i finished with only a 107. Terrible. Pahn died too. I love Suikoden. I have all. Suikoden I to IV and Tactics. It got worse with everyone. Especially with tactics. That was like the worst one. In every suikoden, there is always a Jeane and a Viki. It's like they're immortal. They're always there and they don't say anything about being in the last one. Also, there is a pattern. First, no one knows who you are but you have a friend/father/teacher/whatever who's famous, then, they betray you, then, everyone hates you, then, the outcasts love you, then, some people who betrayed you return to you [or if you like, you can kill'em off!! haha. Snowe.]. What i find so funny is when you have a choice but no matter how much you don't want to do it, sometimes you have no choice, they ask over and over and over again until you pick the choice they want. Like for example, in suikoden II, Jowy "Which way do you want to go" Hero "Choice 1-left(shield) Choice 2-right(sword)" CHOOSES 2. "Which way do you want to go?" "Choices.." CHOOSES 2. Repeats over and over and over again. Horrible. The shield rune is so boring. Sword is so much cooler.

Haven't been online lately. That's because the female owner of the territory in which the object is based gained a sudden distaste for me. The she is in the premises so I'm trying my best not to put words that might catch her attention so she won't read it and hate me more. [however you spell that] Darn, it's so unfair. That's all I can say. I hate to say it but I'm hating my life.

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FREEBRA, the new definition for freedom. [
Monday 23, 2006 (07:28 PM)
[ mood | heehee. ]

Yes, people, FREEBRA. When my mother showed it to me, i was scared half to death, shrieked too. To all the psychotic perverts out there, please don't touch yourself. The bra was sticky and it had no straps and when i touched it, it was unusually gooey, soft and sticky. I, actually, tried it. It felt strange. When my mom was writing about it in her blog, [yes, my mother has a blog.. friendster too!] she was describing it in detail on how it magically does not make your boobs seem bigger and how "liberating" it is. Gosh, and it comes in all sorts of sizes too. I think i'll stop now. Lol.

Patricia is online and I actually chatted with her using ym. Not in my like 7 years of being her friend have I EVER done that. It's like a miracle. A moment to remember. We didn't chat much but hey, we chatted. Darn it, that freaking wisdom article thing. Haven't thought about it. Who is a wise person of our time and has three articles on him/her? ANYONE, please share with me your answer. Archie.

No training today. Coach Suki cancelled it. I haven't been going. Bad Missy. They might kick me off at this rate.

[IS THAT AC ONLINE?!?!] It's like "chat-with-missy-people-who-don't-ever-chat-with-missy" day today! Lucky me.

Oh Kyna, Why oh why.. I'm sorry for your loss but still.. Who shall replace me.. Nikki Ongpin or Nikki Natividad.. Hmmm.. This is a toughie.. Kyna.. WHY?!?!?!?!? Of all days.. *sniff*

Let me note the list of things Mariel wants me to remember.
... Chain of Memories
... A Dog's Life
... Thirteen
... Memoirs of a Geisha
... Starburst
... Giselle's notebook
&&& Sudoku.

Hmmmmm.. OH, I found my glasses in the pocket of my bag! Happy me! I can sort of see now! Yihee. I've gotten a higher grade.

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Solecism? [
Sunday 22, 2006 (08:46 PM)
[ mood | iced tea!! ]

Today's Word for the Day from Geri. Solecism. Repeat. Solecism. Which means "grammatical error". Ahhhh.. Used in a sentence. I often commit solecisms while texting and chatting.

Well, the random calling did not work.. I had to leave for piano almost immediately. I wanted to go to greenbelt or some mall with Mariel but no, I had to go to piano. I feel like it's sort of ruining my life a little. Darn piano. But no, i love it.. Yet I hate it. But i love it. Hate it. Because of it, i can't debate with Geri in IDEA 3 and i really really want to. I chose Kyna as my replacement. She'll do well. I know she will. Better than I would maybe but still, i still would've loved to be with Geri in IDEA 3. How else we gonna break together?! lol. A few hours ago, it ruined what could've been fun. Was invited to go to greenbelt [or some mall] with a friend but nooo... Darn it. Today's piano lesson was composed of.. THE SWAN [i'm starting to hate that piece], more Hanon, Czerny.. and thankfully, a new piece to replace that awful "Merry Widow Waltz".. NOW, IT'S "BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE".. Ohhh!! How I love that piece. My teacher was sort of annoyed that i didn't wanna do that Merry Widow Waltz but WHATEVER. My recital's gonna be ten to twelve on the Saturday of IDEA 3.. I have to dress up and look pretty. I can't press the pedal if I'm wearing too fancy a shoe. In fact, I do it better bare foot. Heehee. So, i'll just bow, then, remove my shoes on stage.. HAhahahaha.. Ahhh... I'm not scared of losing this competition or whatnot.. I don't really care.. I've gotten 1st placing since the 1st round.. I won't really matter.. Beautiful Blue Danube. Joyce said it took her a while to do this piece before.. It is pretty long.. Darn it. Oh well! It looks like a fun piece to me!

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Well That's Funny [
Sunday 22, 2006 (12:09 PM)
[ mood | bored. ]

What the f is wtf. Oh, such a wonderful bash quote. A few hours ago, I went online and my mother wanted to show me that the webcam was disfunctional which i believed untrue so my parents gathered around me as I tried to chat in peace. Just when I opened a conversation on ym with Mariel, they tell me "TURN ON THE WEBCAM, TURN IT ON." so I do it. So, it worked. My mom got a little pahiya but that was not the highlight of this kwento. You see, Mariel wasn't being.. how you say.. CAREFUL with her language.. so she typed three letters.. "WTF".. Unfortunately, my dad saw it and told me to ask her what it meant.. her reply being.. "Well, that's funny.".. In my mind, i was thinking Nice one Mariel.. My father mockingly told me to say that he was going to ask Tito Tato what that meant. Lol. I was laughing for quite a while. Nightmares.. My father saying, "WTF" repeatedly.. Scurry..

I'm not very good at keeping journals/blogs so in a few weeks or even days, this'll probably die down just like the rest. For some reason, I just can't keep these kind of things. I always forget right away or forget where I wrote the username and password. So, although it's quite dangerous to do so, I put it on a post it on my bulletin board.. Ehehehe... Sometimes I hide things too well so I decided not to hide it at all. It's getting hard to make up new usernames with every time.. The song "What if God was one of us" came up so I put one of the lines as my username. You know, "Just a stranger on a bus.." Anyway, my password, isn't so difficult. So hackers won't have such a hard time entering this. I swear. Just sharing. Gosh, why did I say that.. Eh, whatever.

One of the other things that i've forgotten that i've replaced recently is my Neopet's account. Yes, that gay thing with the weird looking pets.. Well, I decided to try it again due to my recent rapidly increasing boredom.. This is thanks to Joyce who got me started again. Joyce asked me one day to help her get something for the quest of the faerie? [or is it fairy, nope, faerie..] Andrea's into it too. I couldn't help her since I completely forgot what my other account was so I made a new one. I started playing Cheat again. You know, BULLSHIT from How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Yeah.. And that other game.. Advert Attack.. Yeah.. I was pretty lucky with my neopet, got all the good stats. ANYWAY..

Let me just say.. I'M SORRY TONICHI!!! I DIDN'T MEAN FOR IT TO HAPPEN. I'm sorry I took your role.. Although i'm happy because it's ten thousand times better than being a general understudy.. I still am sorry I took it from you. Let me just say that General Understudy is one of the saddest roles you can get.. You memorize almost EVERYBODY'S LINES but if no one's absent during the real thing, it's all wasted and if two or more are absent, you'll end up talking to yourself and sprinting across the stage back and forth. That was my former role.. ISN'T THAT TERRIBLE?!?!?! Now, although I'm sorry, I'm really glad i have a better role wherein i talk and have a [mini] speech and ytou can see me. I was just lucky that day. Funny thing happened after practice last Thursday. Well, not funny, just fun. Me, Thea, Joyce and Miel [with Jackie as our manager] formed the.. BACKSTREET GIRLS. We have our very own routine for the song "I want it that way." It's hilarious. That was fun. You are... my fiiiiire. My one.. deeeesiiire. Believe, when, I saaay, I want it that way.

Gosh, I AM SO BORED. Somebody saaaaaaave me. I haven't any load.. no one's online.. i'm so bored... I think i'll go call random people now.. Bye bye. Comment, comment, comment.

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